GDM electronics


ELEMASTER acquires
GDM Electronics

Established in 1997, GDM Electronics has experienced an exponential growth and trusts that it can maintain this positive development in the coming years.

If you wish to outsource the manufacturing of your electronic products or you need a supplier of all types of PC boards at very competitive prices and with high value added services, GDM Electronics is one of the strongest partners on the market.

We deeply believe that only by providing the best services and value to our customers we can increase company profit levels and market share. One of the best strategies that can be used to accomplish this goal is Total Quality Improvement.

Elemaster, based on the business plan "Vision 2020", strengthens its global footprint by acquisition of GDM Electronics located in Belgium and Romania


Meet the needs of the future...

GDM's integrated expertise is focused on complete system solutions, including prototyping, quick turn-around and volume production, for a wide range of markets: telecommunications, computer technology, armed forces, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, instrumentation, etc.

Well-chosen production facilities in low labour cost countries result in the supply of high quality PCB's at very competitive prices.

The manufacturing of labourintensive turnkey projects in the GDM-facilities of Romania and Slovakia make your business more competitive.

All our PCB's are subjected to the highest quality control in our Belgian lab and for all our full turnkey projects we maintain a lean manufacturing system.

A high quality level, flexibility, competitive pricing and complete project management are the basis of a long-term relationship with our customers.

We do it right, on time, the first time, every time!

Our objective is to achieve complete customer satisfaction and surpass expectations through worldwide excellence in operations, know-how and full product responsibility.